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Husky Emotions

In our adventure having a dog in the house (Sidnei, the one above doing her best to look sad, mistreated, lonely and pitiful all at once), I'm learning that she's capable of a range of emotions that would set a hollywood starlet to shame. Take this morning's...

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Who You Talking to?

As you might have guessed, after acquiring a dog last week, this week has been a dog filled adventure. Quite why she had the glum expression above, I don't know for  sure. Maybe it's because I stopped talking to her. I haven't stopped talking to her completely, but...

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The Whole Dog (Meet Sidnei)

A week ago today we decided that our home needed a Siberian Husky. It wasn't an easy decision. At least not for me. In my pre-teen years I had a disagreement with an Alsatian. More to the point it jumped a fence and tried to take my teeth out. I've been terrified of...

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Half Way To A Dog

I can't believe this. I went away to the DFW Writer's Conference for the weekend, and when I got back, certain people in the house had hatched a plan to adopt a well-trained, 8 year-old, Siberian Husky from some friends of ours. I apparently did have a choice in the...

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You Say Beer Can

       OR       This just made me laugh this week. I actually had to say it out loud to believe it. Beer can to a Brit ... ... is the same as Bacon to a Jamaican. Yes, I'm easily amused. All the best to you for find something amusing in your own dialect this week :)...

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