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Paris Love Match

Ok, I'm thrilled, dizzy ... and just a little bit scared ... Bandit Publishing will be releasing my book, Paris Love Match, on the good-grief-it's-not-really-that-far-away date of May 2nd. May the second??? Yep! Definitely. Definitely. Definitely. Or at least highly...

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The British Daddy

I make my girl's lunch every morning. This Friday was the first time I noticed the annotation on her lunch bag. Apparently it's been there for a year. It made me fell all warm inside. Best wishes to you all for finding something that keeps you warm this week. Cheers!...

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I’ve always loved the idea of Venice. Leave it to the Italians to come up with an idea as mad as building on water and expecting it not to sink (even with out the Acqua alta, high water that floods the lower levels of streets). The gondola has an equally mad...

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Is This A Sign?

Valentines Day is the day when people declare their love to their special someone (at least that's what the makers of cards and chocolates say). People have all sorts of reasons to say that they should be with their someone. Some can see love in their partner's eyes,...

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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If you’ve ever walked into the children’s section of a bookstore in the past twenty years, you’ll have noticed If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff. It’s a fun book that has spawned all manner of similar titles. After reading it, you have to wonder about the...

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Happy Transistor Day

I'm a little late posting this, but better late than never. And even if it isn't better, I'm posting it anyway. It's hard to believe in these days of computers and iPhones, but the transistor, the basic core electrical component that enables these wonders, is 65 years...

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The End of the World (second attempt)

21st December 2012. The day on which, if Hollywood and anyone with an interest in rumormongering has their way, the world will end. After the abortive “end of the world” in May 2003, a quick recount of the Mayan calendar resulted in 21 December being picked for a...

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