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Godspeed, Neil Armstrong

I wrote this back in April. With the passing of a man who was both wildly famous and a model of the men they called "the right stuff," it seems appropriate to remember some of the many things that propelled him to that one small step. In my last post about the X-15 we...

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Kids Across the Country Will Hate Me

If you didn't dial a friends phone number for twelve weeks, would you remember it? If you didn't get out of bed for twelve weeks, would you be able to walk? If you didn't speak for twelve weeks, you you be able to give a talk? So why do we give kids a twelve week...

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Martian Cats Beware – Curiosity has Landed!

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet this past week, you must have heard about NASA’s latest Mars rover, Curiosity. Of course, if you were living on the red planet you might have been running away from the monster from the sky, as shown in theses two photos...

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What’s Up! Yours?

VW have brought out a new car in Europe. They might bring it out in the USA as well. It's a small car, and I like small cars, but as good as this one is supposed to be it has one, lets be kind and call it remarkable, feature - it's called the Up!  Yep, the exclamation...

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Don’t Let Randomness Die

I know a lot of you probably think my blog posts topics are the very definition of random, and, er, you might have a point, but that’s not the point I wanted to make. I think randomness is undervalued, not just positively ignored by the wheels of modern society, but...

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