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Dirk Auer, and Doing What You Want To Do

Innocuous, isn’t he? It looks like a vacation photo where he’s spent a little to long on the beach, but otherwise a normal, happy, well adjust guy. A picture speaks a thousand words, they say. In this case they’re all lies. This guy’s a psycho....

Crazy Concept Cars: The Nissan Pivo

It seems to me that Japanese motor companies compete much like the American ones. Once one company has an idea, they all have to do it – only bigger, or smaller, or faster or … you get the idea. I think this is why they spent the last decade (what the...

The XLR11 – America’s Engine

I’m sure many would argue that various car engines deserve the title “America’s engine,” but no matter what you call it, the Reaction Motors XLR11 rocket engine has done America proud – it’s taken the US to its current level of...

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