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Sonic to Hypersonic – The X-15

The facts, fiction, and body of knowledge the X-15 generated is enormous. School kids should be taught about it as one of the great things the US should be proud of. In fact, I do bring it up with them, but (contrary to what you may have heard) I do have some sympathy...

Tenuous Links and The Bell X-14

It seems to me that if you look long enough, it’s possible to find a connection between yourself and anything. In the 1950s Bell were closely associated with military aircraft. The fame and gloss of having the first aircraft to pass mach 1 was wearing off, and...

Gee Whiz, Murphy – It’s John Stapp

Colonel John Stapp died in 1999 at the age of 89. An amazingly old age given what he put his body through in those 89 years. John Stapp joined the USAF and studied the biophysical effects of flight. Not just the cruising back and forth stuff, the violent...

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