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Introduction to Scrivener

Welcome back to my blog. Or, if you missed the previous thrilling installment, welcome to my blog (and please read the previous one -ed). Hopefully you’ve got Dropbox installed and are sleeping well at night while your hard disk ponders how much longer its got...


Back again? Blimey, you guys don’t quit. Cleared your desk of cables? Given up being a performer with strange habits? Good, because for the next few episodes I’m going to talk about a few tech related issues for writers. Hey, I’m a writer. Good, glad to...

Do you have what is takes to be a Geek?

It’s a pretty broad question isn’t it? A few years ago, putting your CDs onto a computer definitely qualified you as a Geek (at least if you did them in alphabetical order). These days? Pah, even your grandmother can do it (mainly thanks to Stevie J). These days you...

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