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Wow. It’s here at last. The greatest step forward since the the old windows, icons, mouse revolution. And it’s from Google. Mind you, Google has quite a bit going for it. I mean, you’ve probably notice them on the internet. They have a pretty good business going there (is this guy for real – ed).

So they’ve branched out. First it was the Chrome web browser (I use it on Linux and its good. The single box to enter URLs and search terms is cool). Then there was Android. No, I don’t want to bash any ones ideas, but I don’t see the whole windowed interface on a phone thing taking off. I mean, check with Apple how well they’re managing with that iPhone thing. But I wish them well.

And now?

Now Google have brought out GMail Motion. You leap about, wave your arms and contort your face to be able to control your email.


Just think, the whole country could get a complete workout just by answering their email. Chairs could become a thing of the past.

And best of all, I can’t wait to answer a few of those spammers.

Boy, have I got some gestures for them.


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