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Hey, welcome back.

I was beginning to get worried you weren’t coming back.

It’s only been two days. How worried can you get?

I worry a lot.

But you’ve got your work in progress backed up haven’t you?

Yeah, I read that post.


And you’ve created your three-act project in Scrivener, whipped up a bunch of chapters and listed the essential metadata that will help you keep track of your blockbuster. Sounds good, right? No? Well, it sounds good to me – I don’t have a blockbuster. But I digress.

Once you start bashing words into Scrivener you will inevitably start to forget some of them. No, no, not the actual words, I mean, the order you put them in. Did Darla have the gun in a holster or was it hidden somewhere else? Did Tom (the guy who dumped you after five years because some surgically enhanced 21yr old supermodel bimbo smiled at him) have irritable bowel syndrome or was it a tragically small …. Well, you get the idea. There’s a lot of details and sometimes you need to refer back to them.

And you’re going to tell us what wonderful ways Scrivener has to do this, right?

Yes. How did you know? … Have you been reading ahead? Yes? Well stop it.

Now, WWSD, what would Scrivener do …

Let me count the ways…

Split screen …

Split ScreenA tradiotnal type of word processor layout allowing you to keep two entirely separate text sections in view at one time.
Then there’s Quick Ref(erence) …
Quick Reference Windows
Keep as many text sections in view as you have monitor space. You can edit in the main document window or any of the quick reference panels.
And finally, Edit Scrivenings …
Edit Scrivenings

This is probably a unique feature for Scrivener. Choose the text sections you want to edit in the binder and it creates a single virtual document made from those sections. It places a horizontal line between the sections.

That’s it? Only three ways?

Yeah, yeah, only 3 ways. At least its one more than promised in the tittle. There’s probably more, but the days are only so long. Besides, they’re three good ways. Ways that help you focus on your work.

You remember that don’t you? The thing you started last month that still has 75k to go.


Sounds like you should stop reading this, and start writing that.

Just leave us a thought before you go.


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