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Hello and welcome back.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the picture. It’s my daughters hand. She fell over and fractured a bone. That was last week – one of those weeks that is easily classified as “one of those weeks.”

She had to have a bright pink cast to match her nail polish, and I was surprised yesterday to find Justin Bieber had signed it. I didn’t even know the guy was in town!

And the point of this blog is …?

I’m in trouble when she wants a car.


She wants pink.






Exactly. I was hoping more for a five to ten year old fully enclosed vehicle with steel and air bags in all directions around her. Probably in white.

How’s that idea gone down?

Like a lead ballon. That’s why I thought I’d post a picture of her cast on a popular (with me) website in the hope it would win her over.

* ooowwwww *

I take it, it didn’t work.

What a mind reader you are. She just thumped me.

Now, I have a few years to come to a decision on the whole pink convertible thing, but what do you think? Pink or not? Convertible or armor plated SUV? Let me know. Her future (car) is riding on your answers.

Or should I say, she’ll be riding in your answers ๐Ÿ™‚


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