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In the mid 90s I had a Vauxhall Cavalier. With a 2L engine it is was reasonably quick, and with 4-wheel drive it gripped the road like a limpet. It was a fun car (not often a word used to describe Vauxhalls, I know). It took all sorts of punishment and did lots of miles. On a fast roundabout it would do this great 4-wheel drift if you floored it. It was all I could afford, and it put a smile on my face, even if your enthusiastic Ferrari owners would have been rather less impressed with its performance.

Looking back, I know I liked that car because of one reason, I named it. Yeah, it’s in contravention of the entire book of guy-things-to-do, but I did it anyway. You see, the car’s number plate began with WGL, which to the voices inside my head spelt Wiggle.

Now, all of you who’ve had kids in the past ten years will be thinking I named my car after the Wiggles, who do a great job of entertaining five year olds, but I didn’t, this was before they appeared on the scene, so get that picture out of your head.

WGL spelt wiggle to me because in England “to get a wiggle on” meant to get a move on. Appropriate for a car that happily accepted being thrashed everywhere, I thought.

I’d never named a car before, and I haven’t since. Even the Minis I had (which always put a smile on my face) never gained a name. The cars I (or should I say we) have had since those days have been practical, spacious, safe, but never worthy of a name.

What about you?



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