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Recently, August McLaughlin tagged me in a variation of the question game that was started by Fabio Bueno.

The idea is that I have to answer eleven questions set by August, and then I set eleven further questions for eleven further people. I was a little worried about who to select in my list of eleven, but fortunately my pet hamster stepped up as an impartial third party and filled in the blanks. Or, to put it another way, I made stuff up for him and he didn’t file a formal objection, so I’m publishing it.

Without further ado, on to August’s questions.

1) What did you eat for breakfast?

See, now this is one of the reasons I like August, she starts with the easy questions. Corn Flakes, a banana, and water.

2) If you could re-live any day of your life, as often as you’d like, which would you choose?

Equally easy. The day my daughter was born and her tiny fingers tried to squeeze mine.

3) Of the books you’ve read recently, which is your favorite?

Lee Child is one of my favorite authors and I recently finished “The Affair.” It tells the story of how Jack Reacher became Jack Reacher, and is one of my favorite books from one of my favorite authors.

4) You have front row seats and back stage passes for any concert. Who’s on stage?

Ha, not problem answering this one; I’d go for seeing The Beatles at the Cavern club. I’m not Beatles obsessed, and I don’t think the Cavern Club had seats, but that era has always fascinated me.

5) Who’s the last person you hugged?

Again, an easy question. I don’t do a lot of hugging. It’s either going to be my daughter or my wife, and at this moment in time it was my wife.

6) What’s your favorite smell?

Hummm, bit more difficult. Probably one of: freshly laundered sheets, cut grass, or rain after a long hot summer.

7) What’s your best bargain-hunting or money-saving tip?

Blimey, August – now things start to get difficult. I don’t like shopping; my feet get tired and the rest of me gets bored. Just as I thought I was going to pass one this one I had an epiphany, my bargain hunting tip is – Don’t let your wife out with your credit card.

Yes, I have the feeling I may “pay” for that comment …

8 ) What’s your funniest or strangest high school memory?

Ok, this is really getting tricky. I don’t remember much about school and what I do, I generally try to forget. But one funny event happened in the Physics lab. We were sat in rows with lab tables in front of us. A friend of mine idly pushed a pair of dividers into the mains electricity socket. There was a bang, a cry of pain, and he fell off his stool and crashed to the floor. Everyone crowded round. The teacher knelt down, concerned, and asked what happened. “He stuck the dividers into the socket and got 240 volts through him,” I said.

The teacher stood up, ignoring my wide-eyed and shaking friend lying on the ground, glowered at me and said “How many times do I have to tell you, volts go across, not through!”

Strangely enough, my friend left school to work in at a vets and I went off to be an engineer, so I guess you could say it was lesson well taught, though my friend was less impressed at the time.

9) How do you feel about your birthday?

They just go by.

10) What do you not miss about being younger?

Ok, this is even more difficult. I suppose, the thing I really don’t miss about being younger, is being able to reach the top shelf 😀 More seriously, I had a somewhat lonely time in my early years. Luckily, it didn’t affect me – I mean, everyone has a twitch in their left eye, don’t they?

11) What about you tends to surprise others?

By the wide eyes, running and screaming, I’d say that taking my axe with me everywhere surprises a lot of people. Well, that and the fact I like romantic comedy films (Educating Rita; Wild Target; Truly, Madly, Deeply; Gregory’s Girl; Four Weddings etc) but left keep that a secret, eh?

So that’s it. Eleven questions answered (using “answered” in the broadest sense). All that remains for me is to post the rules and force other people to go through the same ordeal (with the added fun of making up my own questions).

So, here are the rules,

1) Answer my questions (don’t go acting all surprised over that one).

2) Create eleven new questions to ask eleven new participants (you can call them what you will).

3) Share links to those people in your blog and let them know you’ve tagged them.

And here are the interrogation suspects, I mean friends,

Sherry Isaacs

Gloria Richards

Diane Henders

Piper Bayard and Holmes

Donna Newton

Jill Dodd

Jenny Hansen

David Walker

Charity Kountz

Mary Morgan

Tiffany White


And finally, my questions for the fearless eleven:

1) What sort of vacation do you prefer, activity filled or relaxing on a beach?

2) You have to go back to elementary school – what would you rather do, fifth grade science project or show off your latest dance moves on stage?

3) What do you juggle the most of? (and don’t forget this isn’t an X-rated site!)

4) What country would you most like to visit and why?

5) Have you ever met any of your childhood heroes, and what did you think of them?

6) Can you imagine what you would do with a mega-lottery win?

7) What sort of pet do you have?

8 ) Friday night movie – scary, funny, romance, or … ?

9) Does seeing tomorrow’s weather forecast matter to you?

10) Whose marriage did you last attend, and with who?

11) You’ve just been tapped to star in a new Hollywood action blockbuster, would you do your own stunts?

And if I didn’t mention you in my list of eleven you can blame my hamster, he was somewhat distracted, busy as he was reading up on The Republic before his debating society meeting. But fear not, you can always leave your answers in the comments … how’s that for justice?


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