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A week ago I mentioned the SpaceX Falcon9 launch and resupply of the ISS. The capsule carried 1000lbs of food, water, and supplies. Vital stuff if you’re going to spend months in a tin can with no chance of phoning for pizza.

One other portion of the payload received a lot less media attention – the ashes of 306 people.

This burial in space was organized by Celestis, Inc., apparently the “pioneer and global leader in Memorial Spaceflights.” They offer “services” for low earth orbit and deep space flights.

A couple of years ago, they launched Gene Roddenberry, his wife, and James Doohan (Scotty) into deep space. And while the US ponders a return to the moon, Celestis sent a “symbolic portion” of Dr. Eugene Shoemaker to the moon in 1999.

Would you plan for something like this? And if so, with whom would you leave the Earth?

Bonus points if you want to nominate someone to leave the Earth as soon as possible!



(Image courtesy of NASA)

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