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One Dollar Bill

Money’s strange stuff, isn’t it? I mean just because someone “feels confident” in the dollar we can buy more stuff from (say) Australia for less dollars. This is the principal all currency trading is based on. The relative value of the dollar, euro, or yen rises and falls on the basis of some guy’s confidence.

Since most of us would like to be better off, and currency trading is just a form of bartering, I tried the same principle in Target.

“That’ll be twenty dollars, sir.”

“Well, I’m feeling really confident in this dollar bill, so how about we call it even?”

I’ll skip the ensuing “conversation,” aside mentioning that I haven’t been back to that Target because of a pesky court order.

Despite my legal problem, I continued to research the problem, and I have decided I’m going to move to the UK.

Why? Because on their bank notes are the words

“I promise to pay the bearer on demand.”

What this means is you can take a ten-pound note to the Bank of England and demand ten pounds in return. It used to be that you would be given gold in return. Now, however, they grin and just give you ten-pounds back.

Ten Pound Note - I promise to pay the bearer on demand

Now, if that sounds a bit pointless, just think of the possibilities. If I move to the UK, I can issue my own notes with the words “I promise to pay the bearer on demand,” and all I have to do is give the person their money back, the same note they gave me.

Consequently, I will be moving to the UK next week to establish the “Blackwell.”

I’ll be issuing notes in dominations of 5, 10, and 100 Blackwell’s, and because I’m feeling very confident in this scheme, Blackwells will be traded against the boring old British pound at a rate of 1 Blackwell to 50 GBP. To keep things simple I’m not going to bother with coins for a while.

Ten Blackwells

While I am re-establishing the value of goods and services, I thought I’d do a little to adjust the relative cost of things. For example,

  1. In no way should car servicing cost $100/hr plus. The mechanic certainly doesn’t get anywhere near that much. So car dealers will be made to charge amounts based on how confident the customer appears. I’d suggest that grinning, giggling, and doing a small happy dance should be enough for a free car service. Tell a joke and they’ll be required to throw in a free car wash as well.
  2. Ink-jet printer ink will be subject to similar discounts. Handing over 1 Blackwell with a flourish should be enough for 75% off.
  3. Movie theater popcorn should be based on how much kids bounce up and down. Given my experience I’d say that 10 buckets per Blackwell seems about right.

Obviously an endeavor like this takes a lot of effort, so if you’d like to help assist with the printing and distribution of Blackwells, I’d be glad to hear from you. Once I have the UK situation sorted out, I will be branching out to other countries. So, if you have a particular favorite in mind let me know and I’ll grant you an exclusive license to print Blackwells in the country of your choice.


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