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VW Up!

VW have brought out a new car in Europe. They might bring it out in the USA as well. It’s a small car, and I like small cars, but as good as this one is supposed to be it has one, lets be kind and call it remarkable, feature – it’s called the Up!  Yep, the exclamation mark really is part of the name. Actually it’s a good thing they included the emphasis because the thing looks very euro-blob like. Without a title under the picture you could mistake the car for a Polo or Golf. VW however, is capitalizing (sorry) on it’s naming strategy. For example, in Europe the car is available in various trim levels called the

  • Take up!
  • Move up!
  • High up!
  • Up! black
  • Up! white

Now, I’m sure you can see where this is going. There must be no end of suitable, and not so suitable, possibilities for model variants, for example

  • Two Up! – the 2 seat version
  • Stuff Up! – comes in the color you hate, but the one you find you accidentally ticked on the order form.
  • Sun Up! – the convertible version
  • Full Up! – comes complete with a car load of empty fast food boxes
  • Speed Up! – the turbocharged version (no jokes about its 3 cylinder, 1.0L engine at this point, please)
  • Chin Up! – for the British market only. Comes with a brolly, British Rail sandwich, and a sticker on the dashboard saying “Keep calm and carry on.”

Is there a special version you’d like to see VW create?

Cheers (Up)!


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© M 93 / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0 (DE)

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