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 Speed Camera

When is the best time for a speed camera? It’s a tricky question. There are some who think these cameras should be on every road, freeway, and intersection in the country. Then there are others who think they’re the work of the devil, violate every basic human right, and are just cause for the UN to come and run the country.

Speed cameras have been in use in the UK for far longer than in the US. When I visit friends in Plymouth (UK) I have to remind myself of the abundance of speed cameras in that particular city. An over-the-30mph-limit drive into the city center would trigger sufficient cameras to earn enough points that by the time you reached the city center, you’d be banned from driving. Even in a city so camera-ed, opinion is still split on whether they’re a good idea and when and where they should be placed.

But, for or against, I have a different opinion on the best time for these cameras.

A few days ago I was driving along a quiet, double lane road that runs diagonally across Fort Worth. My wife was in the passenger seat. She was a little late for work, and I was trying to make up time. Along the way she realized that her top was back-to-front. To me it wasn’t that noticeable, but my wife it was a little more critical.

So, with instructions for me to keep my eyes on the road and a good deal of laughter, she proceeds to remove her top, reverse it, and slid it back over her head.

Well, sometimes there are too many and sometimes not enough, but whatever the arguments, that was the best time for a speed camera.

Unless you know differently?



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