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Valentines Day is the day when people declare their love to their special someone (at least that’s what the makers of cards and chocolates say). People have all sorts of reasons to say that they should be with their someone. Some can see love in their partner’s eyes, some feel warm in their someone’s embrace, some just like the same video games. But me? I’ve come to think car parks are important. Yes, car parks, so you can wipe that grin off your face right now.

The particular car park in question is Target’s at their store on Overton Ridge in Fort Worth. As car parks go it’s pretty standard, flat, wide, and with lines all over it. An unlikely place for a miracle, you might think.

One afternoon a couple of years ago I called in at Target. I parked in a corner and picked up some groceries. After stashing the groceries in the trunk and walking around to the driver’s door, I noticed something on the ground. It was shiny, and I’m remotely related to blackbirds, so I picked it up.

It was a ring. A gold ring, in fact. It had a pretty pattern on it, a random set of swirls with a smooth band either side. I wouldn’t say they were a unique set of random set of swirls, but they were a set that seemed familiar. Very familiar. Incredibly familiar. So familiar, in fact, they were exactly like the swirls on a ring I wear. My wedding ring. Only it wasn’t my ring, because I was wearing mine, but I knew someone else who had a ring with just the same swirls.

Naturally, I called that someone. Yes, she had visited Target earlier in the day. Yes, she had taken her rig off to put on hand lotion, and no, she couldn’t quite place her ring at that moment.

So for several hours my wife’s wedding ring had lain in the car park. No one else had noticed it glinting on the ground, no-one had driven over it, and when I pulled into Target, I parked in exactly the same spot my wife had chosen. That evening I returned home to put a wedding ring on my wife’s finger for the second time.

What about you? Have you ever had a sign that you’re meant to be with someone?

And, if you’re not with someone at the moment, feel free to fill us in on the reason that the hollywood-star-or-starlet-of-your-choice is really the someone for you, and I’ll see if I can put in a good word for you with Cupid.

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