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Sidnei, Siberian Husky, glumAs you might have guessed, after acquiring a dog last week, this week has been a dog filled adventure.

Quite why she had the glum expression above, I don’t know for  sure. Maybe it’s because I stopped talking to her. I haven’t stopped talking to her completely, but when I was out walking I passed a neighbor who asked me who I was talking to. Yep, I was talking to the dog. I reigned in my talking at that point, at least when we’re out on the street.

I’m not too worried though, Prince Charles once confessed that he talks to his plants. I’m working on the principle that dogs are several levels up the evolutionary tree than plants, so I’m feeling quite a bit better than royalty. On the other hand, Sidney is registering a passive protest.

What have you been talking to this weekend?


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