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Sidnei, Siberian Husky, posing

Sidnei the Siberian Husky

A week ago today we decided that our home needed a Siberian Husky. It wasn’t an easy decision. At least not for me. In my pre-teen years I had a disagreement with an Alsatian. More to the point it jumped a fence and tried to take my teeth out. I’ve been terrified of big dogs ever since. The other people in the house had no such reservations!

So, a Siberian Husky was like a Clockwork Orange treatment for me, and so far the results have been pretty good. She’s is very obedient (less so when rabbits are in sight), and likes to walk and walk and walk.ย The results for me have been successful, too, largely due to her good-natured temperament.

She’s very attached to a small mat. It was probably the right size when she was a puppy, but now she has to work to make herself sit on it.

Sidnei, Siberian Husky, favorite mat, almost fit

I’m sure I used to fit on here

Sidnei, Siberian Husky, favorite mat

I almost fit

Sidnei, Siberian Husky, favorite mat, almost fit

See – I still fit ๐Ÿ™‚

The big topic of conversation this week has been her name. Eventually my daughter suggested Sidney, after the heroine in PLM. Of course, with my daughter being 11, Sidney had to be spelled Sidnei. Either way, she seems happy, and I’ve no doubt we’ve got some adventures in our future.


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