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Sidnei, Siberian Husky, Walk the dog

As life with a dog progresses, I’m struck by more and more dog-owner inspired phrases.

1) Keep them on a short leash.

This does help keep our Husky a little more in control. She’s easily overexcited by the appearance of a rabbit on her daily walks. It’s got such that we class the success of the walk on the basis of whether it was a no bunny, double bunny, or the too-rare quad bunny walk. We never left her off of the leash (yet another phrase), so she never catches anything, but it doesn’t dent her enthuesiam.

2) Barking up the wrong tree.

She’s good at this one. She doesn’t bark at trees. Actually she barely barks at all.

3) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Sidnei’s six or seven and I can assure you that she’s learnt a whole bundle of new things since she came to our house. She’ll shake hands for a treat (duh!) and she remembers every garden in which she’s ever spotted a bunny (see number 1).

Mind you, I think she’s training us at least as much as we’re training her …

What have animals taught you lately?



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