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Sidney husky emotions

In our adventure having a dog in the house (Sidnei, the one above doing her best to look sad, mistreated, lonely and pitiful all at once), I’m learning that she’s capable of a range of emotions that would set a hollywood starlet to shame. Take this morning’s activities for example.

  1. Humans wake up, find pee on floor. Husky ashamed.
  2. Humans clean the floor. Husky outside. Husky whines pitifully.
  3. Humans let husky back in house and pick up her leash. Husky excited.
  4. Walk around the neighborhood. Husky enthusiastic and filled with boundless energy.
  5. Return home and give her breakfast. Husky full, tired, and rolls around on her bed.
  6. Humans eat breakfast. Husky outside laying on pitiful whining to inform the neighborhood just how badly she is being treated.
  7. Humans dress for work. Husky sad.
  8. Humans leave the house. As the door is closed, husky stares through the gap with big, mournful eyes.
  9. Husky contented. Settles down for a snooze to get her strength back to repeat the process in the evening.

There, the full range of emotions in just one hour. So, if you have a sitcom, movie, or TV show in need to a dog, please let me know, we’ve got a star-in-waiting.

But maybe you’ve got star-in-waiting?



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