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Virginia Mix1

We’ve just returned after spending two weeks with our family in the Appalachian mountains in Virginia. It was wonderful. We woke up to views every morning, swam at every opportunity, and ate like there was no tomorrow. We also met a whole variety of extended family members, friends, and Andy (the poodle, above). In short it was a wonderful trip.

I love traveling, but I also like returning home. This time was different from any previous trip. Apart from sleeping in my own bed (ahhh), making tea (ahhh), and doing laundry (ughhh); this time there was our dog, Sidnei.

I wasn’t sure how she would react when we returned. She’d only been living in our home for two months, would she remember us? The answer was an astounding yes. She bounced, piled, ran, licked, barked, and generally bounded all over us one-by-one. She didn’t know who to lick first. It was an amazing homecoming.

For her part, after and hour of overexcited dog, Sidnei has been trying to stop us from leaving again. She’s been blocking the doorways and padding mournfully after us when we go into the garage.

Sidney Guarding

I wonder what she’ll do when we leave for work, but I have the suspicion we’ll get another big homecoming when we return!

What do you like about returning home from vacation?


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