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Paris Boulangerie, Croissant, Bread, pastry, deliousEvery meal in France is an event. Big, small, fast, or slow, the French put flavor and presentation above everything else.

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. And, being a vegetarian, breads are always a part of my breakfast. In the US, I like bagels and breakfast rounds, but in France, I love the croissant. The thing I like most is how they combine soft with flakey (bit like me really!), and they’re great with savory or sweet fillings. Oh, and one is never enough.

If you avoid fast food places, croissants are almost universally good anywhere in Paris. The best place to eat one is at the outside tables of a street cafe; not because the air is so great, but because you can people watch like crazy!

What food do you like when you travel? And where’s you favorite place to eat it?


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