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ParisLoveMatch Bookbub -FB5 for wp

Goodbye JK, so long EL.

Farewell Mr Koontz and Mr King.

Au revior Janet Evanovich.

Ciao Sophie Kinsella.

It was nice to know you all.

Now, before you all think I’m going to jump of something big and tall, let me just say that I once knew these people. Well, knew might be a slight exaggeration.

A bit.

Just a touch.

Ok, ok, it’s a lie.

In fact, if you want to get all picky and accurate, they have no clue who I am, we were just listed on the same webpage. But as far as I’m concerned that practically means we’re related. What’s more I didn’t even have to bypass 128-bit security, hack into the operating system of other people’s servers, or resort to blackmail to get there. All it took was a Bookbub ad.

Of course, since I’m making such stratospheric claims, you may be wondering why I haven’t asked you to dinner on my yacht in the Mediterranean, or to ski from my lodge in the Alps. Well, there is a good reason for that. I don’t have a yacht (Mediterranean or otherwise), and my “lodge” is firmly fixed to the flat land of Texas.

You see, as much fun as it was to be on that webpage with Stephen, Sophie, Janet and co, they stayed there. And me? Let’s just say that I’m exploring other positions in the Hot 100. Thousand. Heck, I may even explore a little further.

Whatever happens, it was fun for a few hours. Lots of fun.

But you’ll have to excuse me now, because even if I don’t get the chance to say hello, bonjour, or ciao again – I’ve got another book to write.

And that’s fun, too.



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