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Traveling around the US, there is one thing you can’t help miss. The dominant car colors are silver, white and black. Red occasionally appears, but usually only on a sports car. But lately I’ve begun to think the time’s they are a-changin’ (sorry Bob). I don’t know who started the trend first, Mini

Mini Cooper

or Ford

Ford Focus in Color

but there seem to be more colored cars on the road these days. Reds and blues are definitely more popular, but green seems to have a way to go.

I love color on cars. Anything to get away from the norm for a while. Overall, I’m going to vote for Ford with the Focus for doing the most to bring color back onto US roads. What about you?



PS In the interests of full disclosure, I own a white car and a white minivan, and my daughter might just leave home if we get another white car. We won’t 😉

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