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It’s often said that English is one of the more difficult languages to learn (particularly by those who are being taught the language ๐Ÿ™‚ )

However, English is a lot easier than Husky. Dogs have an amazing ability to communicate. Their social interactions are on a plane well above us mere humans (or at least this human). To help fellow husky owners, I’ve prepared the following list of basic phrases.

  • Woof. This is easy, the husky is hungry.
  • Woof. The husky would like dog food.
  • Woof. The husky would like more dog food.
  • Woof. The husky would like a share of whatever you’re eating. More woofing may ensure.
  • Woof. The husky wants a walk.
  • Woof. The husky told you some time ago about a walk and it hasn’t happened. Get your act together, and get the leash out of the cupboard.
  • Woof. No more excuses. Let’s go for a walk.
  • Woof. Boy, it’s good to be back in the air-conditioning after that long walk.
  • Woof. The husky wants to go out and chase a bunny that is sat in the garden.
  • Woof. The husky wants to come back into the air-conditioning after the bunny ran away at the speed of light.

Now for some more complex phrases

  • Woof. This is tricky. It can either mean that the husky is bored or that the husky has gas. Wait a couple of minutes to deduce the correct interpretation.
  • Woof. There is a large puddle of clean water on the floor next to the husky’s drinking area that needs cleaning up. Oh, and the husky would like it’s mysteriously empty water bowl refilled.
  • Woof. More difficult, this means the husky would like you to use the skip button on the DVR to skip the program and get back to the dog treat adverts. A second woof following this is simply to lament that said husky’s paws are too big to use the remote control themselves.
  • Woof. That bunny is back in the garden. How about a pincer movement, you go left and the husky will go right.
  • Woof. You call that running? The husky is disappointed with your ability to jump fences and negotiate lawn furniture. The bunny was long gone by the time you got there.
  • Woof. Maybe we should pick up the pace on walks, and get you back into bunny chasing shape.
  • Woof. Talking of walks, it’s been a while. How about a walk?

So there you have it. That’s all I know, but I’m sure you know more. Wanna to share?



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