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shared endorsements in ads

I’m sure this is going to be a surprise to many of you reading this, but I will imminently be undergoing a sex change and making the transition from male to female. I may also be going blonde, my eye color is definitely likely to change, and I’m going to shrink. A lot.

I realize this will mean a whole new wardrobe, not to mention a fair supply of hair color and a somewhat complicated operation, but I think it will be worth it. Besides, in a few weeks I’ll probably change back.

You see, Google have decided to not only track our likes (google +1s), but to use our image and name in association with the ads they show. It’s a process called shared endorsements in ads.

This could be good, of course. You could see that your friends like a restaurant before you visit. On the other hand, they might just have liked the place because of their nifty sign.

You can opt out of Google’s shared endorsements in ads (the use of your name and likeness), but somehow this doesn’t feel like enough for me. Hence, why I will be switching sex at regular intervals. And shrinking. And changing my hair and eye color. At least as far as Google’s records are concern. With luck this may just be enough throw off their tracking. There again, I may have to become Norwegian as well.

Unless you have other suggestions?



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