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France is something of a conundrum. On one hand it is a strong supporter of the EU, being a founding member, and on the other hand it firmly supports keeping it’s freedom and identify. One of the ways it guards its identify is through its language. For example, to reduce the anglicization of the French language, government and business communication must be conduct in French. There is even an organization called The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie to promote French culture. It’s a bit like cricket and the British Commonwealth but without the beer tent and the possibility of concussion.

Anyway, with the spread of Franglais, you can see why the French might be worried about the erosion of their language. So, apart from Bill Wyman’s (Si Si) Je Suis un Rock Star, what other things have the french government worried?

Here’s a few examples

  • C’est le must! or, if you’re feeling proficient, It’s de rigueur!
  • Un booking.
  • Le check-in.
  • Le booze-cruise.

And technology hasn’t be kind to the french language, either.

  • Le hardware.
  • Le software.
  • Le spam.
  • Le smiley.

But worst of all (and after the rest of the world has come to embrace the french term) has to be

  • “Good eating!”

Quel horreur. It’s enough to make me wonder if Franglais is Franco-British or Anglo-French.

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