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Book covers are works of art in their own right. Mine was made from the image above, a good deal of photoshop, and a lot more artistic talent than I’m blessed with.

The original picture is from a stock library. I like the style, the fact that the images were Parisian, and that there are a lot of pictures with the same models. Obviously, the models were supposed to represent the two main characters, Piers and Sidney, and they looked how I imagined them.

The photos were taken by someone under the username of Conrado, and he has a thousands of equally stellar images on all the major stock photo sites. I knew nothing about the models until Bonnie Burgess pointed me to an article highlighting Conrado.

It turns out that Conrado is Konrad Bak, from Poland. He often poses in his own pictures, and the models above are actually him and his wife. 

So, what’s with the life-imitates-art thing? Well, in the opening lines of Paris Love Match  Piers curses himself because he forgot his … Nikon. I’ve no idea what kind of camera Konrad Bak favors, but it does strike me as spooky.

Konrad’s wife also graces the covers of Bonnie’s Mystic series.

BC Burgess Mystic Series Covers

All the best, whether your life imitates art or your art imitates life 🙂


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