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Getting comfortable with a dog seems to be an acquired skill. Take last night for example …

What are you doing?

Watching TV.

Can I sit by you?

There’s no room.

There isn’t much, but I’m small.

You’re a 60lb husky.

Yeah, but if I scrunch up. 

You’re sitting on my leg.

Yeah, could you move it?

And your tail is in my face.

Well, if you’d move over an inch.

Your foot is in my ear.

Ugh, yuk. Can’t you move your ear. I don’t want ear wax-

All right, all right! I’ll sit on the floor.

Okay, I’ll sit there with you, too … There’s not much room on that chair, is there?

As you can see, we need a lot more practice before we acquire the skill. How comfortable are you with your animal friends?



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