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Okay, I admit it, I talk to our dog, Sidnei. I don’t feel too bad about it, especially since Prince Charles talks to his plants. At least our dog can answer back. Not that answering back is always a good thing. There are certainly pros and cons to a conversation with you pet.

Take yesterday’s conversation, for example,

What’s that you’re eating?
Lemon cake.
Does it have any ham in it?
No. Absolutely none.
Bugh! Why not?
Because its got lemon in it.
What’s lemon?
It’s a bright yellow, tart, citrus fruit.
Ugh. Lemon sounds like it would be better with some ham.
Trust me, it wouldn’t.

Sidnei sits and stares for a while.

Can I try some lemon cake?
Are you sure you want it?
*wags tail* Definitely

Lemon cake and ham for Sidnei

… And can I get mine with a side of ham?

Needless to say, the ham was the bigger hit.

So, animal, vegetable, or mineral, what do you talk to?



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