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Book 8 in the Jess Kimball series

When a friend’s son is wrongfully accused and on his way to prison. Jess Kimball can’t let his mother down.

But as her investigation leads to Spain, Jess’s life is threatened.

When she chases the story into Africa, she knows she’s way over her head.

But the boy’s life is on the line, and Jess’s word is her bond.

Even if keeping it, could prove fatal.

Books with Diane Capri

Jess Kimball is an investigative reporter, who for the want of a better term, kicks ass. Which is just as well because she has a penchant for going up against some of the most ruthless criminals.

When Jess Kimball investigates a bombing at an industrial plant, what she finds is far more explosive.

A heart surgeon’s wife has been kidnapped, and the perpetrator thinks it’s a game, but Jess isn’t playing. Not now, not ever. Because justice is never a game.

A boy admitted to hospital might be Jess’s missing son, but a rich senator stands in her way. Will she uncover his secret, or will she and the boy become victims of the senator’s twisted mind?
When Jess Disrupts a hostage payoff at Rome airport, she’s thrust into a game of life or death, and she’s only one chance. But who will make the fatal error?
When Jess finds one of the victims of a ruthless criminal’s scam might still be alive, she must risk her own life to save theirs.
Beloved Florida Governor Helen Sullivan’s son is killed in a car crash. Helen quickly discovers the crash was no accident, and lures the killer to her son’s funeral in the hope of justice.
Jess hadn’t been in the same room as Richard Martin for a dozen years. They always been enemies, but he was going to find out she wasn’t a gullible sixteen-year old anymore.

Books by Nigel Blackwell

When a dictator and his trained killers believe Piers Chapman has their stolen diamonds, his visit to the city of light takes a turn for the worse, But he’s met a beautiful girl, so what could possibly go wrong?


Two books in the Jess Kimball series, Fatal Demand and its sequel, Fatal Error


The heart-stopping action keeps you from putting this book by Diane Capri and Nigel Blackwell down until its thrilling conclusion.
M Davis

Fatal Error, Amazon review

I’m hooked on the Jess Kimball series!! These are gripping from the very beginning and very hard to put down! When you read these you really need to love fast paced books as these just run with the story and keep you hooked right to the very end – an excellent read!

Fatal Demand, Amazon review

I loved how easily I was swept up into this book. It is a fun, fast paced, humorous, action packed book that I just couldn’t put down.
Jessica F

Paris Love Match, Amazon review

By turns edge-of-the-seat thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny, Paris Love Match has it all: an endearing and believable hero, action, adventure, romance, and a beautifully rendered Paris backdrop. Don’t miss this joyride!
Diane H

Paris Love Match, Amazon review


Teaming with NYT Bestseller Diane Capri

Teaming with NYT Bestseller Diane Capri

Diane has been a friend of mine in several online writing groups for some years. She's a prolific writer with thirty-plus books to her name. She's talented, hardworking, and generous with her wisdom - all of which has helped her to the USA Today and New York Times...

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Getting Comfortable With A Dog

Getting Comfortable With A Dog

Getting comfortable with a dog seems to be an acquired skill. Take last night for example ... What are you doing? Watching TV. Can I sit by you? There's no room. There isn't much, but I'm small. You're a 60lb husky. Yeah, but if I scrunch up.  You're sitting on my...

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I Talk to My Dog

I Talk to My Dog

Okay, I admit it, I talk to our dog, Sidnei. I don't feel too bad about it, especially since Prince Charles talks to his plants. At least our dog can answer back. Not that answering back is always a good thing. There are certainly pros and cons to a conversation with...

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Life Imitates Art and Vice Versa

Life Imitates Art and Vice Versa

Book covers are works of art in their own right. Mine was made from the image above, a good deal of photoshop, and a lot more artistic talent than I’m blessed with. The original picture is from a stock library. I like the style, the fact that the images were Parisian,...

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Carpet Colors Spiral Out of Control

Carpet Colors Spiral Out of Control

Carpet colors are spiraling out of control. I used to think that the episode of Frasier where he's having his carpet replaced, was pretty funny. He’s discussing the color, Harvest Wheat, with his brother. This is a new color, he says, which has been discovered between...

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