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The Bridge at Boulat

For Australian Sheila Hudson, an overnight cabin on the luxurious Blue Train to the south of France seemed like a dream. Befriending a stranger, Dominique Babineaux, turned out to be an adventure, the evening passing in a blur of wine, stories and games.

Until her friend disappeared.

Staff gave blank stares at the mention of Dominique’s name, other passengers had no memory of her, and no one believed her last words – that the next bridge would collapse.

As they sped through the night, Shelia knew their fates were intertwined, but why would only be answered on the bridge at Boulat.

By The Light

Stories of sirens, tales of ghosts.
Pirate gold on islands afar and spirits united in rusted cars.
Dreaming dogs, lovestruck teenagers,
the devil’s hand in the onset of war.
Stories spanning good and evil.
Complete. Concise. Different.
And waiting for you.

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Paris Love Match a Novel by Nigel Blackwell

Paris Love Match

Piers Chapman had seen Paris,
in pictures, movies, and books.
What he hadn’t seen was the mobster,
the dictator, and the trained killers.
Or the diamonds they were chasing.

But it was Paris, the city of love,
and a girl had already stolen his heart.
What could possibly go wrong? .

I loved how easily I was swept up into this book. It is a fun, fast paced, humorous, action packed book that I just couldn’t put down.
Jessica F

Paris Love Match, Amazon review

By turns edge-of-the-seat thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny, Paris Love Match has it all: an endearing and believable hero, action, adventure, romance, and a beautifully rendered Paris backdrop. Don’t miss this joyride!
Diane H

Paris Love Match, Amazon review


Summer’s Gone (Girl On A Beach)

Fall weather has arrived in Texas, which means the mornings are cool and the days warm up to a wonderful 70 or 80. The Texas heat has definitely gone, but in it's memory here's one of my father's summer paintings. Hope fall is as nice to you as it is here in Texas :)...

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Dog “Training”

Dog “Training”

My Siberian husky was most impressed with the comments and general level of comprehension over the last post, Woof! She did go on top point out that humans are tricky things to train, and that she thinks this is the most impressive example of dogs training humans...

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It's often said that English is one of the more difficult languages to learn (particularly by those who are being taught the language 🙂 ) However, English is a lot easier than Husky. Dogs have an amazing ability to communicate. Their social interactions are on a...

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Frogs In Space – The Wallops Island Hopper

And so it was for one brave frog at the launch of a NASA rocket on Wallops Island. Obviously tired of playing second fiddle to the just-there-for-the-ride human cargo, one frog decided to hitch a ride into space. Equally obviously, he or she hasn't really grasped the...

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Color Is Coming Back

  Traveling around the US, there is one thing you can't help miss. The dominant car colors are silver, white and black. Red occasionally appears, but usually only on a sports car. But lately I've begun to think the time's they are a-changin' (sorry Bob). I don't...

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