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Bigger Small Cars – How Difficult Can It Be?

Small cars have always had one of two personalities. They were either as cheap as chips or trendy, carefree, and fun. Well, apart from the ones that marketing people like to call “fun to drive” (eg the Dodge Neon and it’s, cough, siblings). The trouble with small cars...


I have a car and a van, both white. White isn’t quite as deathly boring as hearing-aid-beige, but it’s close. The only reason we have two white vehicles is because 1) we live in Texas where the sunshine can raise the interior temperature of a car so high...


In the mid 90s I had a Vauxhall Cavalier. With a 2L engine it is was reasonably quick, and with 4-wheel drive it gripped the road like a limpet. It was a fun car (not often a word used to describe Vauxhalls, I know). It took all sorts of punishment and did lots of...

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