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Pigs, Pants, and Bent Bananas

While we generally think of “the west” as being free, you might be surprised by how many freedoms the US enjoys compare to, say, Europe. In the UK the term “nanny state” has been in use for sometime to describe how much the law has been meddling in their lives. In...

What’s In A Name? I’m a Pig!

  I’ve had a few comments about the new calendar I introduced recently. It seems it didn’t go down well with everyone, in particular, the French. Now I know you’re thinking they might have been ticked at the whole Rose and Napoleon article last week, but no. No,...

The Name of the Rose

Choosing a name is an important business. For example, I was at a horticultural society meeting in London last week when a punch-up started. You’d have thought we were at a hockey game, but no, it was all Shakespeare’s fault. Really, it was – do you think I make this...

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