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The End of the World (second attempt)

21st December 2012. The day on which, if Hollywood and anyone with an interest in rumormongering has their way, the world will end. After the abortive “end of the world” in May 2003, a quick recount of the Mayan calendar resulted in 21 December being picked for a...

Rinspeed Presto

Rinspeed must have been encouraged by the reaction to the 1999 X Dream because they carried on turning out barking mad concept cars. Mind you, as mad as they are, they do have a concept, even if its not a good one. In 2002 they created the Presto, a car that could...

Chevrolet Astro III

You may think I’ve been hitting Ford quite hard recently, what with the Gyron, Nucleon and Seattle-ite (and that name still makes me laugh). Well, you’re right. I’m all for “free thinking engineers” or “advanced stylists,” but...

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