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Abs-o-lutely CJ West

Jillian Dodd recently told me about a competition she was running. To cut a long story short she had met the author CJ West. Some of you may already know him, but how well? Sure, he writes novels, but what else do you know? For example, did you know that it’s only...

Writing on Linux

Hello and welcome back. Good to see you again. So Nigel, you’re going to explain how to write device drivers for SCSI disks today, yeah? No. Not by a long way. For two reasons. 1) Why would I want to? Ok, ok, I’m a geek. Why would I need to? 2) This is a...


Back again? Blimey, you guys don’t quit. Cleared your desk of cables? Given up being a performer with strange habits? Good, because for the next few episodes I’m going to talk about a few tech related issues for writers. Hey, I’m a writer. Good, glad to...

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