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Color Is Coming Back

  Traveling around the US, there is one thing you can’t help miss. The dominant car colors are silver, white and black. Red occasionally appears, but usually only on a sports car. But lately I’ve begun to think the time’s they are...

Dog Sayings and the Elusive Double Bunny

As life with a dog progresses, I’m struck by more and more dog-owner inspired phrases. 1) Keep them on a short leash. This does help keep our Husky a little more in control. She’s easily overexcited by the appearance of a rabbit on her daily walks....

The Whole Dog (Meet Sidnei)

A week ago today we decided that our home needed a Siberian Husky. It wasn’t an easy decision. At least not for me. In my pre-teen years I had a disagreement with an Alsatian. More to the point it jumped a fence and tried to take my teeth out. I’ve been...

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