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Quitting My Job To See The World

Quitting My Job To See The World

I’ve decided. It’s taken a long time and it’s going to mean some upset, but I can’t take it any more. I go to work every day, sit in a office, and miss the whole wide world around us. Every time I see a picture of some marvelous place on...

Paris and a view on the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a cultural icon. It’s probably been photographed from every conceivable angle. It is actually quite hard to get a picture of it because of its size and the buildings around it. The Champs de Mars is your best bet because of its long expanse...

That Dang Third Wheel

Do you get out enough? Do you see everything that’s happening in your neighborhood? I know I don’t. I mean, I thought I did. I talk to neighbors and friends, I walk the aisles of superstores and farmers markets and I drive all over the place. So, why...

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