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Why I Love Macs

There. I thought I’d come straight out and say it. I love Macs, as in the computers. I agree, there is the slightest chance you might have spotted the fruit flavored bias in one or two of my previous posts, but I thought it was time for full disclosure. At...

Writing on Linux

Hello and welcome back. Good to see you again. So Nigel, you’re going to explain how to write device drivers for SCSI disks today, yeah? No. Not by a long way. For two reasons. 1) Why would I want to? Ok, ok, I’m a geek. Why would I need to? 2) This is a...

Scrivener Tips

Welcome back. This is the last post on Scrivener for a while. I’m going to be moving on to a few other tech/writing topics next. I use Scrivener all the time so I’m sure I’ll be returning to it again at some stage. And if you’ve got any...

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