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That Dang Third Wheel

Do you get out enough? Do you see everything that’s happening in your neighborhood? I know I don’t. I mean, I thought I did. I talk to neighbors and friends, I walk the aisles of superstores and farmers markets and I drive all over the place. So, why...

The Isetta Bubble Car – Italy 1, Germany 0

In the 50s, post-war Europe was a dark place. There was much to recover from. But people were still people and they always found themselves at A when the really wanted to be at B. Cars were an expensive commodity and, despite all the rebuilding, space on the roads was...

Chevrolet Astro III

You may think I’ve been hitting Ford quite hard recently, what with the Gyron, Nucleon and Seattle-ite (and that name still makes me laugh). Well, you’re right. I’m all for “free thinking engineers” or “advanced stylists,” but...

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