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Is This A Sign?

Is This A Sign?

Valentines Day is the day when people declare their love to their special someone (at least that’s what the makers of cards and chocolates say). People have all sorts of reasons to say that they should be with their someone. Some can see love in their...

The New Week

In honor of the fact that I screwed up my Monday post and it’s now Tuesday, I’m going to re-designate Tuesday as the New Monday. This will, I’m sure, cause confusion in certain parts of the world, so I’d appreciate your support during this tricky transition phase....

Love is blind – The Cupid Interview

Valentine’s day is here again. It’s fun, it’s fraught and … this blog’s family oriented, so I’m going to stop there. However, as much fun as it is for the lovers of this world; spare a thought for the guy who works overtime all day long....

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