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Where Are The Diamonds?

Loose diamonds

So you’ve read Paris Love Match, and you know there’s one mystery left: what happened to the diamonds. You’ve been thinking it over, and you’ve got your suspicions; now’s your chance to show the world the awesome power of your imagination.

Will I help with clues? Maybe, maybe not. Just bear in mind I write fiction – so I lie for a living!

I’d like to say that there’s a grand prize in store, but there isn’t. Sorry. Anyway, it’s not all about winning. There’s the gloating, the chanting, and the nar-nar-na-na-nar that goes with winning – and I’m hoping that makes up for the lack of any great prize 🙂

Where did they go? Who, what, where, why, when, and many more questions are all waiting to be answered. Don’t keep your suspicions to yourself, let the world know.

We’d love to hear!


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